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National Research Facility for Infrastructure Sensing

Interdisciplinary Centre for infrastructure sensors and instrumentation

Working with NRFIS is an excellent way of leveraging the cutting-edge facilities and research staff at the University of Cambridge.


NRFIS is open to both academic and industry clients to help tackle infrastructure challenges, optimise opportunities and accelerate research and innovation towards carbon reduction, resource-efficiency, and infrastructure resilience. 

Depending on your individual or business requirements, NRFIS can support you to carry out your research in a way that best suits your project needs. 

With our facilities at NRFIS: 

  • Our technical team is happy to perform experiments on specimens or products on your behalf. 

  • Alternatively, you can book the laboratory equipment you require and carry out testing yourself. 

If you require technical support, our in-house team of highly skilled and experienced technicians can be on hand to support you.  

All external projects facilitated by NRFIS, from their initial enquiry through to completion, are managed by our Senior Technical Manager Dr Pieter Desnerck. This ensures and maintains a consistently high quality of delivery tailored to your project and commercial requirements. 

A presentation by Senior Techncial Manager Dr Pieter Desnerck introducing the facilities available at NRFIS to support academic and industry research is available on the UKCRIC YouTube Channel

We are happy to discuss how we can work together and provide you with more information about our services available. Please contact us to discuss your project needs.